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y no solo el sueldo, sino también el super pegue que tienen con las mujeres, jajaja. Esperemos los incendios terminen y el clima sea más cordial. Saludos.

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With the semi-recent addition of an Iprecious to our family, Im waiting to see if SWMBO can find the equivilant to laying a paper-back spread open face down, thus destroying the spine. A knack she has perfected with my *real* books.

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FakeAnon, you want to win by only offering choices that give you a free 'win'. Duh. How about I deny your self-created dilemma...and make my own choices? Seems to me the menu is more than wingnut poo or wingnut scmutz.Mold

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Now your doll is sure to be the envy of the lunch room! Other back-to-school goodies you may want to make for your doll  a clipboard and pencils.

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why while my spiritual heart says when  when will you be healed and I believe, with you, that God who loves us so completely never makes mistakes  so when? All love today from Mussoorie; the sun is shinning, warm  a good day to walk to Witches Hill for a picnic lunch.

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